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Why do you blog?

I was just wondering that myself.

Why do I blog? Why am I exposing myself to the web world?

What do I seek? What do I want to accomplish?

Why millions of people create web blogs, communities, post their thoughts, their pictures and their souls on the web?

Is it a substitute for the old secret diary we use to keep locked with that small silver key?

But that was locked. And web content is all but that.

Everyone can read “you”. Your friends, your mom, your girlfriend, your husband, even your boss !

So is blogging self-journalism? Yes there are some sites doing journalism. War, tech, knit, love, sex, anything goes.

But there are sites of individuals that are soul-blogs. Inner thoughts and emotions that nobody else would know otherwise.

So why do you do it ? Well here are my thoughts on that matter.

Recognition, popularity, fame, self-promotion. It’s sad, but it all comes to that.

Bloggers fight over Top 10 or Top 100 lists.  The higher the better. The more visitors the merrier. .

They fight over Technorati ranks. They fight over how much their blog is worth.

They comment like they are possesed. They post like hell. They tag their posts with a huge cloud of tags that have nothing to do with the post.

Just for the publicity. Just for the exposure. Just for the traffic. Bloggers want to be read. Not like that secret-hidden-locked-diary some of us used to have. Bloggers want to be somebody on the net. They want success.

Yes I would like that also. I would be very happy of I had 15.000 of everyday visitors/readers/followers. So is that all to it? Our 15 minutes of fame ?

Some are blogging  for money. Some are blogging as part of a open source project. Some are blogging beacause they need to be a part of a team, a member in a community. Some are blogging without knowing why. No problem either way.

But why do you do it ?

Just wonder.
Dont blog about it.

Just tell yourself.


2000 bloggers !

2000 Bloggers

I just made it in !

Can you spot me ?

Or maybe, you can spot Matt or  Scobleizer

Changes to come…

Well, I have been thinking lately that I have 2 wordpress blogs, one hosted and one at wordpress.com and I rarely post to either places.

So why not combine the two of them ?

The question was to keep the hosted or not ?

Final decission has been made. Since my subscription with the hosting company ends at the end of March I will keep my domain at kyramarios.gr and map it here at wordpress.com.

I have started already the transition of posts, comments and blogrolls.

So you might notice some mess but bare with me.

I must say that since 2004 that I first tried wordpress I had lots of fun trying various wp installations, hacks and plugins.

I learnt some php and some html and I got introduced to mysql. I learnt why css is better and why tables sux !

Those were the days.

But now since my real-life time will be quite limited, I think I will let Matt manage my wordpress install.

So see you arround somewhere…

WordPress 2.1 “Ella”


I just updated to WordPress 2.1 “Ella” from my aging 2.0 wp version.
Site is running fine with a new K2 theme called True Blue with a custom header I just made.
I hope the new Akismet plugin does a good job since it seems that comment/trackback spam is on the rise.
New archives page too !

Snap Preview Live !

Matt, after a  waterfall of 400+ comments at his post at wordpress.com, enabled for all of us Snap Preview Anywhere.









What is Snap Preview Anywhere? Snap Preview Anywhere enables anyone visiting your site to get a glimpse of what other sites you’re linking to, without having to leave your site. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus eliminating wasted “trips” to linked sites.


Well I finally turned it off ! It was a bit annoying after a while !


First Flock Post

So this is it !

Flock is out ! And I am posting this from the Flocky browser !

Well, currently I am lost. How can I import my firefox bookmarks ?

Why middle click doesnt open a new tab ?

Where are my themes ?

Where is everything ?

Oh well… never mind !

Back to hunting !

Thoughts and wonders

WordPress.com is a strange thing !
Its only by invite so the community is still relatively small.

I guess people from wordpress.org are getting invited mostly, so chances are that they have an wordpress installation somewhere in a server running the latest version.

So like many others before me, I am wondering whats the purpose of having two blogs ?
So why did I put my e-mail address at the wordpress.com homepage asking for an invite ?

Well, like all children we love to play and experiment with new toys.
We are like greedy animals that eat as much as we can, like there is no tommorrow.

So I guess I will keep this blog and play with it to see how its going to evolve.
And maybe someday soon, I will migrate my diary here on wordpress.com.