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Back from Dubai

 I just got back from a week’s long trip to Dubai, UAE .It was a very interesting experience and a photographic paradise. Its the ultimate contrast : the poor and the wealthy.Vast shopping malls to shop till you drop and 5 stars luxury hotels to spend even up to 2.500 euros per night like the Burj Al Arab :

Burj al Arab

Of course the majority of the people are in the middle to low class with many other ethnicities like Indian, African, Philippine working like dogs carrying cargo at the harbors along the Dubai Creek. Of course tourist get to see the glamorous and “traditional” aspect of it all and enjoy a boat ride across the Creek.

dubai creek

I really loved walking endless hours through the Souks in the Deira side of Dubai, areas where shops selling the same stuff like gold, spices, perfumes or toys are gathered together in an endless maze.

At Bur-Dubai on the other side of the Creek many Muslim temples can be seen, still active, with their towers poking towards the sky.  In the night you can take one of the Dhows and cruise along the river and enjoy the creek’s banks full of lights and reflections while having a local delicious dinner.

dubai creek at night

Dubai is all about shopping ! My credit card is almost full from impulse shopping. OK, my wife had a part in this too.
There are hundreds of shopping malls. Just pick a couple and prepare for endless hours of walking and shopping. Luckily you can stop and have a snack or an expensive lunch or dinner without going anywhere else. And remember Dubai loves night shopping. Carrefour for example closes doors at midnight.

Locals like to take small naps to relax and rest in afternoon and resume working after 15.00 untill late at night.


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