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Well as a result of the previous post in this blog and in My MSN Spaces an invitation to the Windows Live Mail Beta program was sent to me by Imran Qureshi, the program manager of Kahuna.

So I guess I here are some first impressions about it.

First the Bad :

  • “White space? is aesthetically nice but too much of it makes a dull workspace.
  • Preview pane window is so narrow because of the banners (which by the way are broken links)
  • Colored tabs on : “Mail – Calendar – Contacts – Today? would look better and more helpful. This could be a theme like in the live.com webpage.
  • No option to be able to move the window showing the e-mails contained in a selected folder to the top like the Outlook mail program has it and the preview window under it. That way preview pane window will be bigger and there would be more space for the e-mails and maybe a small one-line preview underneath it. That way users familiar with Outlook or Outlook Express will have no problem using it. Option to disable it and move it to a third column is welcome.
  • No Mail space Storage meter. Its informative.
  • Also I noticed a small incompatibility with greek encoding.
  • Not completely compatible with Firefox Mozilla Browser

Now the Good :

  • Nice webpage design compared to the old Hotmail design.
  • Security, Junk management, Anti Phishing, Antivirus is a nice touch to a free service although I dont know if they will charge for them after the official launch.
  • Faster loading pages and better usability.
  • 2 Gigabytes of space. Almost as much as Gmail offers.

It seems like the Kahuna team is listening to beta testers and is following the nice example Gmail suggested in the mail new 2gigabyte era.

You can learn more about Windows Live Mail Beta program at the http://ideas.live.com/ website.


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  1. I guess I just asked this question about Yahoo Mail. But is there any particular reason to go with Kahuna over Gmail?

    March 3, 2006 at 5:01 am

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