Just daddying around


Well the nice folks at WordPress.com were kind enough to send me a golden ticket to the brand new blogging system.
I dont think I will this blog to it since it lacks many of the precious features like plugins, import posts, and being able to customise your theme.
Well its new, and I would like to play with it, give some feedback back to the team and get little previews of wordpress 1.6.
I am sure in 6 months this will compete with the big players like blogger or typepad.
We will see.
Oh by the way…my spare invite is here to take it…
But you have to prove worthy…
Boy, I am mean or what ?
Shame on me !


One response

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I already got a blog at http://people.wordPress.com but I would be so happy if I could pass on a Golden Ticket to a friend, who I know has contemplated to start a blog. He is a real good writer and has been published in several magazines. Being no techie, a hosted solution would be preferable. I know he has considered Blogger – but a blog at WordPress.com would definately be better choice for him. It is more advanced, with trackback and referer-log built in, and more cool as well!

    You may email me at sokajobb gmail.com and I will pass on the invitation to him.

    Thanks for your consideration

    Best regards

    September 28, 2005 at 1:23 am

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