Just daddying around

Back to pain…

“Back to life, back to reality” like a song from SOUL II SOUL.
Vacation is over, unfortunately.
So you come back to the real world where all problems are over you and you just count the days till your next escape.
My album is getting updated with new photos from this summer and elsewhere.

In other pain news, I am deeply depressed by the deteriorating health of my father.
Cancer pains are all over his body and its not something you can easily cope with.
God, we are so vulnerable…
So he is getting strong opioid painkillers to ease the pain.

But life goes on and on…
And we cant do anything but let the pain come and cope with it.
Only the strong will survive.
So LiveStrong !



One response

  1. Anonymous

    i am really very sorry of hearing about your father’s pain……I pray for his reduction of pain but God decides …. Health is the most precious good we all have….Having mental and physic health can obtain everything!!!!!!


    September 3, 2005 at 9:51 pm

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