Just daddying around


I am getting ready to escape from the city and enter an offline world today.
I will be offline for a couple of weeks and the idea terrifies me.
Of course the interweb will survive without me, thats for sure.
I dont know if I can. Yes addicted I am.
I will be getting my new phone with me full with 1gb of mp3s so I will not be completely gadgetless.
Its so strange that we dont realise how addicted we are to things, only after we are cut off from them.
I will be getting to the nothern Greece, seeking a place to hide from the heat.
Its so hot in Greece right now, 35 to 40 degrees and everyting is so damn hot you cant stand it.
I am thinking of going camping in one of these beaches Monolithi
Cant wait to get there !
So till next time, pray and enjoy !


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