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2005 is here ! Are you ?

!@(exit.jpg:N http://www.kyramarios.gr/diary/wp-content/pictures/exit.jpg “Exit”)Well its here !
2005 in its first days. Young as a baby !
Some people are not here though.
They were washed out by the Tsunami disaster.
Well most of us are here though watching the news from our living room.
What a relief. I wasnt there and if you are reading this you werent there either.
But this makes you think how god’s (or devil’s if you may) will works.
Innocent victims you say.
Well tourists from all over the world that spent thousants of euros or dollars just to be there.
So that the act of god/devil can strike them.
How devious could this be ?
I cant answer that because I am not Him.
But it can set your mind into a new perspective.
How these people were chosen ?

What have they done to deserve this in their life ?
Or maybe in their past lives ?
And the children ? Werent they innocent enough ?
Will it happen to me ?
Am I the next candidate ?
Well, I have bad news for you.
You cant know till it happens.
But just start living your life like you are next in His list.
Then maybe you have a remote chance of getting through and over with your miserable life.
Maybe you get to live some more years.
So that you can watch the news and say : Thank God I wasnt there !


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