Just daddying around

Still here

Yes you can relax now…
I am still alive and kicking.
I survived my birthday which was on the 5th of November so now I am more relaxed.
Damn…years are flying by me!
No, no I am not complaining…its just that time is moving faster now !
Ok maybe I am getting old, thats why.
I have been told that this was bound to happen.
But I didnt pay much attention back then.
“Oh those were the days my friend, we though they never end….”
So with Xmas in less than a month away, here I am getting ready for the depression.
Probably will try some shopping therapy to get over it.
You should try it too ! It always works !
I hope I get in the mood to update this thing before the end of 2004.
I will also add some more pictures in my Gallery
Till next time… enjoy!


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