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Back to life, back to reality…

Well, all good things have an end.
So as my vacations. Too bad though. I wish I could stay… hm… till Xmas !
But seriously you feel so disoriented after a long vacation that I dont know if its worth it.
But I needed more thats for sure.
My choice this year was a beautiful island called Sifnos. Well you have to see for yourself that island. Just wonderful.
Anyway, here I am. And worst of all… back to work.
I think that next month I will try to redesign the Diary. More of a color change probably…more winter-like…
The layout is fine I think.

In other news…Olympics are going great !
Everyone is happy…that is except the British that dont see the medals pouring in…
But eventually they will get them !
Its a great party these games.
You only have to just walk downtown and mingle among all races, all ages, become part of this great event.
Tickets are hard to find, well at least the cheap ones or the ones for the sports the greek athletes compete in.
Oh well.
Bad thing is that Olympics will end too.
As all things do. That life.
And then we will have this bitter taste on our mouths.
Like when you have desert and when its over you want more.
But you are afraid to ask your mom.
Well…one can still dream…

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