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The Man That Never Smiled (1991- The Fall)

He was always sad closed to himself.
He never laughed, he never smiled.
He had no friends, he had no enemies.
He was sad, he was miserable.
Money was useless to him.
He had a lot, which he didn’t use.
He was alone. He was empty.
He was the man that never smiled.
He was the man that never laughed.
He lived alone. He was alone.
He loved nobody. He liked nobody.
Years went by. He didn’t smile, he didn’t laugh.
He met life. He fought it. He was always sad.
He rarely spoke. He rarely talked.
His only friend was the ugly idol on the dirty mirror.
His reflection only existed for him.
He was the man that never smiled.
He was the man that never laughed.
He was always so sad, so terribly sad.
He wanted nothing of life.
He never begged.
He was never cheerful.
He was an enemy of life.
So he got older and older. He was old.
His hair was grey.
His falling hair was white.
And then he died. He just simply did.
But before, he smiled.
He laughed at his empty useless life. He smiled.
He burst into laughs. Hysterical laughs.
He laughed for his miserable life.
He smiled as his life passed in front of his bleeding eyes.
And then he died. He died happy.
He died smiling. He died laughing.
He was the man that only smiled before he died.
He was the man that only laughed before he was dead.
Just dead…


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    July 24, 2004 at 12:16 pm