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An Interview with Kyramas

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am proud to present you, with utter joy, today’s grand feature :
The “long awaited by the masses” interview with Kyramas himself !
So let me not keep you, buckle up and enjoy !

Scorpion: Hello Kyramas ! It’s nice to meet you at last.
Kyramas: The pleasure is all mine!
Scorpion: So please tell us, who on earth are you ?
Kyramas: Well that is simple to answer. I am Kyramas, and I am a Madman. Of course, I am not insane or crazy in the clinical definition. It is just that I find logical what others may consider as paranoid.
Scorpion: And some background ?
Kyramas: Well I was born back in 1968, on a rainy November afternoon. Maybe that is the reason I like winter so much. Kharma had decided that I should be born in Athens, Greece and here I am. For good or for bad, that is. My childhood was a nightmare and I am still living it. But I guess everybody is.
Scorpion: You sound so pessimistic… For you the glass is half empty of half full ?
Kyramas: Well to be honest I think its almost empty !
Scorpion: I see. Well are there any interests in your life ?
Kyramas: Sure. Many. I love technology and that is why I chose to study programming back in the 80s when the web was still almost unborn. I enjoyed coding in Cobol and Fortran but now I prefer to torture myself using other pain instruments.
Scorpion: Yes I see you are working with your weblog…are you a blogger ?
Kyramas: I blog therefore I am ! But seriously, this is a Diary. I blog once a week or so and you cant rely on it to get any news. Just some personal thoughts. And it’s a great way to practice and learn web designing using web standards which I love. For personal use of course. And thanks to WordPress I have an extremely easy to use blog so I spend my time on tweaking the layout.
Scorpion: But why on the web ? Do you want to be famous ?
Kyramas: Well, really, no. Even if I am pleased when visitors come by and read my inner thoughts, I do not care if I am famous. I just wanted to share the way I see the world and that’s it. Take it or leave it. And I know you will take it !
Scorpion: You are so full or yourself…
Kyramas: You are correct.
Scorpion: So what do you enjoy doing when not blogging ?
Kyramas: I really enjoy photography. I am sure you have checked my photoblog by now. I just need to find the time to upload some more photos. I also enjoy sleeping. As the old army saying goes. “Sleep more, serve less”.
Scorpion: You don’t enjoy living ?
Kyramas: Of course I do. No one wants to die. I just envy bears…sleeping through half their lives…
Scorpion: So lets lighten up a bit. Tell us some of your favorite show-biz personas ?
Kyramas: Well let’s see… Angelina Jolie is my favorite actress. She is a Goddess! I also enjoy watching Nicole Kidman. Ok, ok, I know, both are women ! But I love cinema really ! Regarding music I currently enjoy Eminem and now that we speak I have D12 in my cdrom drive. But my musical interests can vary from Wagner’s Parsifal to Joy Division’s Love Will Tear us Apart and to Madonna’s Love Profusion and back to some legendary Sinatra !
Scorpion: Interesting…and you are reading…
Kyramas: Everything is Eventual by Stephen King. Can’t wait to start the new Dark Tower book that is out. King is the King. I have a bookcase full of his books. Yes I am his fan !
Scorpion: And how about family ?
Kyramas: Not yet, even if I would like one. Yes I love children. Specially girls.
Scorpion: Nice to hear you love kids ! So you dont love only yourself ?
Kyramas: I have enough love for everyone. Dont worry !
Scorpion: No worries here. Well I just wanted to thank you for this interesting interview. I hope we get a second part real soon.
Kyramas: Yes, who knows ? Maybe soon. Maybe never.
Scorpion : Take care and enjoy life!
Kyramas: You too. If you can.

Note: Scorpion, Kyramas’ Alter Ego thanks you who read so far and hopes you had a great time reading this.


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