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Yet another update

Well, here I am again, posting about my weblog and not posting in my weblog !

Recent changes :

Moved my Photoblog (well more of a gallery actually) from MT to Photostack.
Its great software in PHP, tableless and fast ! It will do until I manage to find a simple way of doing it in WP !
Changed the alternate stylesheet to a narrower and simpler one. (Thanks ALA for the styleswitcher code !
Cleaned up some code.

In other WP news it seems that Dave Shea at Mezzoblue is on the process of converting to WordPress

Here is an excerpt :

The site is still running Movable Type and I’ve even upgraded to 3.0. During the redesign process (well before the MT fallout [large page load, may crash browser]) I began a conversion to WordPress. It’s way easier to say “me too” after the fact, but the more I use open source the more I want to use open source. (Not to mention the convenience of having the lead developer on my iChat list)…

Read the rest here !


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    June 15, 2004 at 6:37 pm