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WordPress 1.2 RC2

New WordPress 1.2 RC2…
I wonder if TB and PB work…
Lets see !

EDIT : its sends Trackbacks but it doesnt ping…

In other news here is a more objective look in the blogwars…

As I was browsing my last posts I came to a sad understanding.
Most of my posts are about how I moved from Movable type to WordPress and most of my time is consumed in tweaking the templates.
It wasnt like that all the time.
But one can write when he feels like it, not because he must.
Nice excuse I hear you say. And you are probably right.
Changing CMS filled up a void that otherwise it would have urged me to speakout some thoughts of mine.
Thoughts of emptiness and misery.
But now, having a new “toy” to play with…”all my troubles seem so far away…”
Well ok its not that bad.
But I was thinking how easy one can get carried away and become “the medium”, the tool, as Shelley wrote.
Hardware and software are supposed to serve man not the other way arround.
But in the dark ages we walk now, collective fanatism is so high, you cant resist…
You have to suppport the blue or the gray.
You live through supporting one or the other.
Its because you have no personality.
No beliefs that are yours.
Its because you have lost your way.
Its time now to do some serious thinking…


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  1. You don’t have time to get all metaphysical on us. Your grey bg has got a horrible kink in it. Thanks for calling in. The Games are going to be a triumph. Nice blog. Best wishes.

    May 26, 2004 at 10:49 pm