Just daddying around


So I got me a new photoblog.
You can visit Kyramas Album   my Flickr page and see all the nice pictures I have taken with my Canon Ixus 400 digital camera !
In other news…you can see on the side bar on the right the last 2 photos I have posted at my photoblog.
This was made by using MTotherblog by David Raynes.
Also now my pages are valid XHTML 1.0CSS and tested on WinXP SP1 with Opera 7.50, Firefox 0.8, and IE6 (bliah !)
Readers on Macs with Safari or other recent browsers should also have no problem at least according to the Browsercam.
So I am almost done with setting up my new diary…
So I guess I have no excuse now.
You will be hearing from me…
That is sure.


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