Just daddying around


Well, the new Diary is starting to take shape.
Not exactly what I wanted it to, but I am no web designer !
So I am trying to convert to CSS and to get rid of the ancient HTML code.
Cant do it tableless. At least not yet !
But it keeps me occupied.
Keeps my mind elsewhere.
Like the hawk that is circling its victim.
I hope it keeps circling.
Its better that way. Safer.
Its closer to summer now and its getting hotter.
Not a good sign. Summer is dangerous.
Thoughts are dangerous.
Like an old chineese saying goes.
Thoughts become emotions.
Emotions become actions.
And actions hurt.
And the hawk might stop cirlcling.
And starts its decent.
Its attack.
Better go back to web designing.
Maybe I will change the color back to black.
Maybe redesign the whole damn blog.
Just to get me occupied.

I hope it keeps circling.


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