Just daddying around

Seize the day

Yes. Its over a month since my last entry.
And it has been a hard month for me.
Painful and educational.
So what have I learned in this first month of 2004 ?
Well many things.
First of all I learned to follow my own advice.
I always have tried to realize the “Seize the day” thing.
In other words, grab all the chances you get.
I didn’t.
I let my sick mind take over my heart.
Yes there are consequences to that.
But I could have lived with them.
I think of myself of having a rational approach to life.
Mistake. Big time.
Well, sure, sometimes you cant escape yourself.
But at least you can try. At least.
What else have I learned ?
The only one who is going to appreciate you is…You.
Yes you will still have you dignity and self respect.
But you wont have anything else.
So what the fuck ? Just shit them all.
People can be so insane sometimes.
You just have to do better than that.
I could list numerous lessons I learned this month.
But I will tell you one more thing. And then let you go.
People cant stand reality.
If, you, can cope with reality, that doesn’t necessarily mean that others can.
Average human beings prefer fantasy and fairy tales.
And when they HAVE to face the real thing.
They shit themselves. Sad, yes, but true.
They see but their eyes cant look outside of their head.
They see an imaginary world.
A world they want to see. A world they wish for.
Be aware ! Dont make them see the light.
They wont like it. And surely they wont like you at all.
Just leave them dreaming.
They are better left that way.


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