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“SSDY” : Same shit different year

Yes its 2004.
So fucking what.
The only change I can see is that instead of 2003 we say or write 2004.
Time is an invention of man.
Its supposed to be the fourth dimension.
Like we can experience all other three every single moment.
People lost in the misery of their minds cant experience anything.
Just their personal hell.
So what is all the fuss with the new year and other bullshit.
For budhists its not even New Year yet. Try February.
So no matter if its New Year or not try to make a difference for yourself.
Try to change this shit.
You will probably fail. But at least you would have tried.
Note: Title was taken and paraphrased from my favorite author, Stephen King’s “DreamCatcher” novel.
The original was “SSDD” meaning “same shit different day” .


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