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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well its my last post.
For the 2003 I mean.
I will continue the Diary of Kyramas next year.
I hope it was a pleasure and not a torture for the almost 2000 visitors of this site since July 2003.
Yes, this site doesn’t display a joyful Diary.
Its my Daily Madness and its not pretty.
But thanks goes to all that took a moment and read my inner thoughts.
especially to all the Greek Bloggers out there on Pathfinder and elsewhere !
I am sure you all have found a little piece of you here.
So its going to be 2004 in a few days.
I wish health to everyone.
Mental and physical.
Lucky they are, all that have them both.
So stay focused people.
Focus on yourself cos when you loose yourself you loose everything and everyone.
I hope you have a great time these holidays.
I sure will try.
See you soon.

Oh I almost forgot.
Take a look at this picture.
that’s Kyramas.
And you are reading his Diary.



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