Just daddying around


Its strange how fast you can be diminished into a helpless being.
Its very easy ! And fast.
All you need is to get sick.
And I dont mean anything serious.
Just get the flu, some fever, not particularly very high, and some neck-aches.
Then you will find yourself helpless, powerless, useless and pathetic.
Yes you are sick. And just a few days ago you thought you could rule the world.
You thought you could do anything you want.
We, humans, are so full of ourselves.
So deep in delusions, we forget who we really are.
We call ourselves superior entities.
Just take a look at someone with a simple headache.
Pathetic, so pathetic.
So yes I was sick these days.
And I had some time to think about how powerful I am.
or how much of my strength is mine.
And I didn’t like what I’ve found.
Just think about it.
Or if you dont want to, just wait till you’re sick again…


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