Just daddying around


Yes Xmas is coming.
Get ready for your dose of Holiday Blues.
What ? you dont get it ? Come on…I dont buy that.
So Xmas come and you get the blues.
Many reasons for that.
Mainly because you feel you MUST celebrate.
Or that you MUST have a shopping spree.
Or that you MUST be in a celebration and cheerful mood.
You dont have to to anything.
But be careful.
If you dont get depressed dont feel lucky.
You can express the Holiday Blues by means of over eating or over drinking.
Its the same thing.
Same day different shit.
Dont panic.
Just relax and enjoy your free time.
Most important dont compare other Xmas holidays that you remember having a great time with this one that you are sure it will suck big time.
It wont. Your memory is playing games with you.
Dont play along.
Also avoid the opposite.
Dont assume that this Xmas will be as shit as last years.
Resist and organize your thoughts and your time…
How do I know all these ?
I get the blues many years now.
Sometime along the way I learned to control it.
Sometimes it gets out of hand.
Yes it can happen.
Believe me.
And then you can only pray Xmas is over.


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