Just daddying around


I sit here in front of my PC and I stare at the empty screen.
It seems that my mind is so empty.
I am so damn empty.
And the worse thing is that I dont know why.
Or maybe I do.
Even if I have convinced myself that the unfortunate outcome of my last relationship didn’t have any major impact in my inner me I see now that I experience some post effects of it.
Nothing serious or dramatic…Just this emptiness…
Was I experiencing it during the last awful months and I wasn’t aware of it ?
Maybe yes. Maybe no.
But now its more clear.
Even if I get out and have fun with friends, I feel a coldness in my heart.
Like a piece of ice.
I dont know if it will go away.
Most likely it will.
Why love has to be so difficult ?
Is it that because people have become so selfish they care only for themselves ?
Some say the way to go is just stay solo and enjoy life.
But I had so much to give.
But noone came to take it.
Yes people are so full of themselves.
Its a sign of times as once Prince sung .


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