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Love and Terror

As days pass by I realize something that terrorizes me.
A question, that has never been answered, tortures me.
What is love ?
What is frightening is that I don’t know the answer even if I had spoken the 3 magic words “I love you”.
And the most frightening thing is that I thought I knew.
Well don’t be fooled. You don’t know. You think you do.
Love takes the essence you want. And that is pathetic.
We say “I love you”. But we also say “I love myself”. Or even worse…”I love my car” !
Or we declare disgustingly : “I love what you did with your [insert here any nonsense you wish]”
So a mother loves her child. The child loves his parents. We all love.
We love chocolate. At least I do !
We love our other half. Till we break up that is….
But is there a true, deep love ? Yes there is…but its so rare, that perhaps you will never find it in this life time.
Or maybe you will if you are lucky, or your Dharma is big enough !


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