Just daddying around

Away again

Its 10 days since I last wrote in the Diary.
Time passes by so fast.
I sometimes dont realize what day it is and I have to ask.
I loose sense of time. And I sleep. I sleep a lot. Mostly in the daytime.
Yes night is MY time. And lately I spend many hours sleeping in the daytime.
Maybe that’s why I am time – disoriented.
Its full moon today.
The moon gets me easily. My nerves are stretched all day.
I pray its the moon and its not caused by something else.
These last days I had my migraines come back. Awful pain like medieval tortures.
I must go to a doctor. But I am afraid of what I might find out.
I hope its not something serious. Like a tumor or something.
I hope not. I hope not.


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