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The Death Of A Clown (1991 – The Fall)

He is standing there
He wants to make the crowds laugh
He has to
He is desperate
He is one and they are many
He jumps, he runs, he laughs
The crowds laugh, he cries
Artificial laughs – Fake amusment
The crowds clap and he dies
He is lonely under his funny akward make up
Nobody recognizes him
He is closed to himself
Behind the locked doors of subconcious mind
Try to open them, it is not possible
Eternal damnation, criminal tendencies
He is harmless to others
He can hurt only himself
He falls down for his last trick
The crowds stand up and clap
He is standing there, he laughs with his drawn smile
He bows to the crowd to see him well
For his last number
He starts putting off his make up
The crowds stop shouting
They stand there. Just stand there
His face now is clean. He takes off his clothes
Murmuring sounds from the crowds out there
He starts climbing
His sense of time and place is missing now
He is lost from these dimensions
He climbs the big ladder
He reaches the tight rope
He makes the first step. He tries to balance
He makes the second step
He tries to run. To break on through to the other side
But hopeless. He never finished anything in his life
He falls. The crowds scream
He is dead. “Who was he ?”
He will be forgotten
He is at last a highlight. He is known
His death was tragic . A perfect public death
The death of a clown.


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